Found in the Guardian, Mirror, Metro and other places, Lee Hurley has been plying his trade professionally for over 20 years and has written on just about every subject imaginable, from the architectural merits of the BT Tower in Belfast to female ejaculation and why it’s no myth.

He was recently interviewed by Sports Media LGBT+ as the first in their series entitled ’21 questions…’ that seeks to learn more about individuals in sports media and who are LGBT+.

From Sports Media LGBT+ profile:

Lee Hurley is a freelance writer living in Belfast, and the owner/editor of DailyCannon.com, one of the most popular Arsenal fan portals on digital. A Gunners fan for almost 30 years, he began a blog about the club back in 2008, originally titled LadyArse.com. A few years later, as Lee explains in this Mirror article, he began his transition from female to male.

In March 2018, Lee reflected on that journey in a DailyCannon.com article titled ‘From the writer formerly known as LadyArse’

When I made the decision to transition from female to male, quite a lot changed, as you can imagine. It has been a process that has taken around six years – a little different from the single ‘op’ many people think is required to sort it all out – and at the start of it all, I made the decision to change the name of the site from LadyArse to DailyCannon as I changed my name legally too.

Last year, Lee wrote a series of articles about his experiences as a trans man for Metro. Recently, he has also begun writing opinion columns for The Guardian, and is the author of ‘Transgender: How do you know?’, available on Kindle Books.

On Saturday, July 28, he gave a speech at Stormont’s Great Hall at the Alternative Queer Ulster meeting, an event designed to give queer voices a platform rarely offered in Northern Ireland. You can read Lee’s powerful speech here.

Specialising in football and queer issues these days, Lee has also started a new website, TransGuyHandbook.com that he runs along with DailyCannon.com.

Lee is available for commissions and speaking engagements, especially concerning queer issues with a special focus on transgender matters.

You can get in touch here or on Twitter @HLeeHurley.