Lee Hurley is a writer who has been writing since he could first hold a pen. Eventually able to persuade someone to pay him for what he would have happily done for free, Lee has been plying his trade professionally for over 17 years and has written on just about every subject imaginable, from the architectural merits of the BT Tower in Belfast to female ejaculation and why it’s no myth.

Specialising in football writing these days, Lee now runs his own websites [DailyCannon.com and InjuryLeague.com] but still dabbles in relationship writing, benefiting from his extensive experience on how best to mess one up.

Lee has also been known to do some graphic design and art although his inability to focus on more than one thing at a time and stop being distracted by the hundred ideas he has a week meant that this fell to the wayside some time ago despite the fact that he still tends to describe himself as a writer and graphic artist.

This is a new website [as of October 2013] so a lot of stuff has been transferred over from older ones, hence the lack of a back-catalogue. He’s working on it.