It’s been a hard week being an Arsenal fan.

If you strip it right back, it’s been a rough decade, but this week, after the defeats at United and home to Swansea, has stung more than most.

This was to be Arsenal’s season. In a year when Leicester are the most consistent team in the league followed by Tottenham, it has all been sitting, waiting for Arsene Wenger’s men to grab with both hands.

That they have refused, like a horse in the Grand National pulling up at the fence after fence, has angered Arsenal fans everywhere. You couldn’t speak to me on Wednesday night without receiving an undirected tirade about just what Arsenal do to us as fans on a regular basis.

The Swansea defeat was worse than the United one. The chips were down at Old Trafford but on Wednesday, we were all in – and we blew it.

I’m not immune to the negativity that’s everywhere at the minute. I spent all yesterday writing posts moaning and whinging about the whole club and generally acting like a child throwing a tantrum.

Then I got a hold of myself and allowed myself to dream a little. It’s an annoying trait I don’t seem able to shift, this eternal optimism in spite of all evidence, but allow yourself to drift with me for a minute*.

There are 10 games left and Leicester is ahead by six points. That’s not impossible.

Imagine Arsenal win on Saturday at White Hart Lane. Imagine that some of those wasted numerous chances start to find their way into the back of the net. Imagine that Leicester begins to choke and suffer a dip in form they’ve so far avoided this season. Imagine they get injuries, or Tottenham loses Harry Kane.

Imagine that Theo Walcott remembers that he’s paid £100,000 a week to play football and not just stand there.

Imagine Alexis finds his feet, and that Mesut Ozil finds him. Again and again and again.

Imagine the feeling of winning this league on the last day of the season after this rollercoaster.

Imagine the Spurs fans on their knees as they blow their greatest chance to be relevant since the 60’s.

Just imagine.

Just step back for one second and let yourself believe. What else are you going to do?

Sure, if they let you down it will hurt like hell, but what if they don’t?

What if this time…this time, they find a way?

Wouldn’t it all be worth it?

Isn’t that what football is all about – suffering the lows so you can bask in the highs?

There is no telling where this season will go. Pick a match, try to call it. Look at the results this year.

Nothing is done, nothing is decided and nothing is over.

The Premier League story is not finished by a long way yet.

Arsenal can still write the final chapter anyway they want.

*no brain cells were harmed in the making of this delusion.