As David Cameron tweeted congratulations to the gay people who were finally granted marriage equality for the first time in the UK [unless you’re in Northern Ireland], he was met by a straight person demanding his own congratulations:

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While that’s only one reply, you know that many more are thinking it, completely oblivious to the privilege they’ve enjoyed all this time.

When a marginalised and repressed group finally obtain something you’ve just been given freely, the first reaction should not be to take offence that you aren’t getting recognition. It should be to acknowledge the fight that has gone in order to achieve something you just take as a given.

Imagine white people demanding acknowledgment of their eternal freedom when slavery was ended.

Think about men demanding acknowledgment that they’ve always been allowed to vote after women were granted the same privilege.

This is what you sound like when you demand congratulations on something you were given as a birth right.

I’m not gay, I was, so I’ve moved in these circles a lot. No, I didn’t change my sexuality, before you get on your ‘it’s a choice’ bandwagon. From gay woman to [straight] trans guy, but that’s a whole other bunch of bananas for another day.

I’ve known gay couples who have been together longer than any straight ones denied the chance to do something after decades that straight people can do after minutes.

This is not about one set of people being held up above others, or given special treatment. Equal rights are not special rights.

It’s simply about one marginalised group getting what you’ve had all along, you’d think you’d maybe not want to draw attention to the privileged status you’ve held without regard for others.

It’s not about you.

Maybe that’s why you find it so hard to accept.