Reports this week claimed that Theo Walcott is close to a West Ham switch, a rumour that was welcome to both Arsenal and West Ham fans alike.

I’m not overly sure what the mass opinion is on Walcott outside of Arsenal but the few people who I’ve spoken to see away a player who has wasted his talent, if not all of them. The rest seem to think he’s this great player who has been unlucky with injury.

Arsenal fans, however, know that if they sell Walcott and replace him with even a half-decent player, they will likely see their odds on winning the Premier League next season shorten from 11/2 and possibly even see them rival Pep Guardiola’s men who have already been instilled as favourites.

Perhaps there still is a great player inside Theo, but if there is he’s keeping it well under wraps. A decade on from signing for Arsenal and you can count the times he’s changed a match using just your own digits. That we can remember most of those moments is damming in itself.

West Ham are off to pastures new next season, and as well as European football, a marquee signing will help ease the transition to their new home. Walcott carries with him a name that is more effective than his reality and Arsenal should get a nice price for the England international. The English premium being only a good thing for the selling club.

Wages are an important thing to Theo as we saw with his last two contract negotiations. Can West Ham offer him what he will inevitably want? If they can’t, expect Walcott to tell us all how he didn’t want to play for West Ham as he wouldn’t get to play at centre forward. It has never been about position, only money.

Despite what the rumours say, that Walcott is apparently choosing West Ham ahead of Chelsea because of their ambition, I don’t buy it. If he chooses West Ham it’s because none of the Champions League sides want him.

After this season, it’s hard to blame them.