You won’t start growing when you start T.

That’s what you’re told right? Technically it’s true.

If you start taking T after your first puberty has ended, your bones have already fused off so it’s an impossibility for them to start growing again.

But let me tell you a story…

When I started T I was 5’2.5″ [that half is crucial].

I am tiny. Was tiny.

I also had awful posture and, unbeknownst to me, before I revealed myself to the world (and myself), a tendency to keep myself small.

But, stretching out I was 5’2.5″.

A couple of weeks before writing this, around my seven-month mark on T, my granny asked if I was getting taller. ‘No’ I replied, ‘that’s not possible’.

Then, just a few days later I was standing beside my mum, someone I’ve always been smaller than and I was clearly taller than her.

She was in her bare feet and I had shoes on, but they had such thin soles it was clear something was up.

She went and got the tape measure.


A clear 2.5 inch-growth because I’ve never been 5’5” in my life unless I was on a step.

Now, of course, there’s always the possibility that I had measured myself incorrectly the first time, but there was no denying I was now the exact same height [with shoes off] as my mum.

Her height?  5’5″ and I knew I had *always* been smaller than her before I started taking testosterone. I ever only dreamed of being 5’5″.

Another 20 months have passed since I wrote what’s above, and I’m now taller than my granny, who was always taller than my mum. I just got the tape measure out – 5’7” which even I’m having trouble believing and will need independent verification of before I get the champers out.

So what’s going on?

I am consciously holding myself straighter.

I’ve more pride in how I look now and less inclination to hide away from the world.

My girlfriend, a sports therapist, has been helping me with my posture, pulling my shoulders back and giving me exercises to help straighten and strengthen the underused muscles in my back.

I read that you can get up to an inch in height due to increased muscle on your spine and my muscles are certainly bigger all over my body. If that contributes to height in some way (I’m no anatomist) then you’re laughing.

All I know is that somehow, between starting T and seven months later, I had grown by 2.5 inches.

As I mentioned, I’m doubting my most recent measurement of 5’7” because, well, that just seems ridiculous – 2.5 inches seems much more realistic than 4.5. But I have said to my girlfriend a few times lately ‘have you got smaller?’ (she, like most women in my life apparently, has always been a few inches taller than me).

She knows it’s me asking if I’m taller, I don’t really think she’s shrunk. One of us has changed in height, that’s for sure.

So will you ‘grow’?

I haven’t a clue.

From what I can gather from speaking to people and trawling forums, an inch is possible from the muscle growth on your spine but I’ve had some guys report a couple of inches ‘growth.’

You won’t grow like you would have had your body been fed the right hormones and information when you hit your first puberty but ain’t nobody taking my two and a half inches away.


[This has not been done in any scientific way and should be taken as proof of nothing other than I started testosterone and people around me seem smaller to me while they’ve been asking me if I’d got taller]